Swagg Fresh Apparels was created and own by Earl:Langham-Jr, who had a vision and an Ideal since childhood, of owning and running his own Brand of clothing line. Earl had many other goals, such as making and producing music, which was his first love. Capturing beauty from behind the lens in Photography, and now he finally got around to bringing his third childhood vision to life, which is his clothing line “Swagg Fresh Apparels”.


Is to establish a Brand and sales company that will produce high quality Tee shirts and casual clothes for male, female, young adults and children; a Tee shirt Brand that will compete favorably with international Tee shirt labels Tee shirt Brand like Ralph Lauren, Polo by Ralph, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Gap, Lacoste, Nike, Levi Straus, Adidas, Diesel, Nautical, Puma, Prada and Rebel et all at the global stage. We’re not a slogan company, We are a Brand.